Christine Coleman Pattern Packs

Christine Coleman Pattern Packs

Christine Coleman: the queen of parchment. Though she is far too modest to take the title Christine has inspired hundreds to take up this beautiful  craft as a hobby by producing some of the most stunning parchment craft patterns. Although Christine did qualify as a Pergamano instructor she is a PCA (ParchCraft Australia) tool fan. They really are very good quality tools and Christine swears by them.

With her regular Create and Craft Parchment patterns and DVD shows she brought a whole new audience to the craft. Featured regularly in the parchment magazine Christine has produced 78 pattern packs, 5 video's and a number of projects,Also Christmas and 3D pattern packs. Her work ever evolving, you cannot fail to be inspired. Christine was really keen to design parchment craft for beginners so she put together the 'beginners pack' which provides all you need to get going. We still sell the pack to this day. 

Christine also sourced the very best quality parchment paper which we still sell called 'Christine Colemans Essential Parchment Paper.' If you want a quality completed pattern, you must use quality paper and quality PCA or Pergamano tools. 

Christine is was a 'fellow' member of the ParchmentcraFt Guild and a founding member of the Association Of Parchment Crafters



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Dahlia in Lace Project

Dahlia in Lace Project by Christine Coleman Create a beautiful Dahlia in Lace with this A4 Projec..


Designer Pack 'B' - "Christmas"

Dozens of cards can be made by putting together different elements from this pattern pack designed t..


DVD Project 2 - Pansy Frame - Pattern & DVD

A beautiful Pansy Frame surrounding a whitework design and edged with gridwork. Full step-by-step..

£9.75 £6.83

DVD Project 3 - Intricate Lace Frame - Pattern & DVD

An intricate lace frame. Full step-by-step instructions are demonstrated on the accompanying DVD. ..

£9.75 £6.83

DVD Project 1 - 3D Floral Fan - Pattern and DVD

A beautiful Fan with 3D flowers. Full step-by-step instructions are demonstrated on the accompanying..

£9.75 £6.83

DVD Project 4 - Flower Trio - DVD & Pattern

A trio of whitework flowers including a beautiful lacework border. Full step-by-step instructions ar..

£9.75 £6.83

Pack 005 - Hearts

Pack 5 - Four designs with a hearts theme. Ideal for Valentines Day, Anniversaries or just for so..


Pack 006 - Butterflies

Pack 6 - Butterflies Four cards with butterfly designs, two of which feature three dimensional butte..


Pack 007 - Roses

Pack 7 - Roses Four beautiful rose design cards for you to make...


Pack 008 - Argentinian Style

Pack 8 - Argentinian Four designs inspired by the Argentinian style of parchment craft...


Pack 009 - Alphabet

Pack 9 - Alphabet All 26 letters of the alphabet at around 4" ( 100mm ) high. Includes borders. P..


Pack 010 - Mixed Bag

Including a card for a man and a beautiful lilac flower using the small flower punch...


Pack 012 - Fans

One large fan picture for Christmas with a spare set of floral pictures an an alternative, plus two ..