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From financial adviser to crafts, catheter cover bags and everything else….my story


“You’re either brave or stupid” my dad used to say to me…. Well I’m not brave. Maybe a touch unconventional. Not gifted with natural talent but do tackle challenges head on.

Why am I writing specifically to customers of CC Collection? Because I am unconventional, and my life philosophy affects all that I put my energies into. 

Almost 30 years ago in 1988 I set up a financial planning company. A ‘one-man band’ grew into a sizeable firm that 6 years ago I medically retired from due to Multiple Sclerosis that was first diagnosed in 1990. Just 2 years into my then new venture.

I met Christine Coleman on a professional basis and we ‘hit it off’. When she decided to take a back seat, I took on the business for my then wife to run.

After a change of circumstances, I decided to run the business alongside my other projects. 

Because of my physical restrictions I do need good support. After a couple of false starts I believe I now have the right people with the right attitude on board. 

I introduce you NOW to Charlotte who will be managing CC Collection when I am out of the country. Charlotte is an incredibly talented singer and coach. Girlfriend to my incredibly talented musician son. I have placed a link below of them performing in Josiah (my sons) recording studio. They both have a great work ethic. She will serve you well.

We are in the middle of a website upgrade, getting to grips with stock numbers and restocking, they and other issues have presented plenty of challenges. 

Mental fatigue (a common MS symptom) is a challenge. Once what was just an inconvenience really now dictates what I can do and when I can do it though I do keep pushing the boundaries. 

I rely totally on my electric scooter and can only transfer now from chair to chair or chair to bed etc. I regularly travel to North East Thailand. A journey from door to door (Plymouth to Kut Chap) of 24 hours. 

A rural town essentially poor - it is my second home. No resorts or nightlife. Not a tourist in sight. But the humidity suits MS and the brain fog disappears. Quite amazing. 

There are issues I will be sharing in a revived blog that will break your heart. I have learnt a great deal about life from this very agriculturally dependent area. 

Having to stop one to one mentoring to young entrepreneurs because of my inability to stick to planned appointments due again to the unpredictable MS fatigue, I now write when I can.

I designed and now market a catheter bag ‘cover’ to offer a little dignity and discretion to those of us that use them.

Christine once said I didn’t have an artistic bone in my body! I thought it a little severe seeing as I had played guitar and was vocalist for bands semi-professionally since I was 16 until I could neither strum nor stand up with a guitar anymore. That ended about 10 years ago. Apart from that she was probably very right!...... but I do appreciate art.

I have a lot of respect and admiration for traditional parchers. Starting with a blank sheet and producing a work of art that takes time and patience. Both are in short supply these days so unfortunately short cuts are continuously devised to get faster results. 

In our newsletter communications I write as I did to my ‘clients’. At the end of the day we are addressing individuals. I met a number of you in Bristol and Plymouth. We are here to provide a service to you, our clients/customers. If we do not provide what is required someone else will. 

As I stated at the top, I want to stress the purpose of this message is to give you a glimpse of the philosophy behind the running of CC Collection and that a perfectly unspectacular, ordinary person can achieve ‘something’ if it holds enough meaning or desire. The saying “if I can do it .... anyone can do it” certainly applies here.

Steve Manning

Originally set up by Christine Coleman herself; Christine Coleman Collection quickly established itself as an efficient outlet for Christine's timeless pattern packs. Supplying to TV, trade and loyal followers alike.

CC Collection as we are now known, took on more designers and we sell parchment tools, paper and instructional DVD's that cater for both starters and seasoned parcher's at great prices too.