Siesta Tools

Siesta parchment craft tools are an excellent slightly less expensive alternative to either the Pergamano or Parchcraft Australia range of tools offered by CC Collection.

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EBT015 Siesta 1.5mm Embossing Tool

Siesta 1.5mm Embossing Tool - item number EBT015 The Siesta Small Ball Embossing tool has a 1.5mm..


EBT020 Siesta 2mm Embossing Tool

Siesta 2mm Embossing Tool - item number EBT020 The Siesta Medium Ball Embossing tool has a 2mm di..


PFTA001 Siesta 1-Needle Perforating Tool

Siesta 1-Needle Perforating Tool - item number PFTA001 The 1-needle tool can be used to make sing..


PFTA002 Siesta 2-Needle Perforating Tool

Siesta 2-Needle Perforating Tool - item number PFTA002 The 2-Needle Perforating Tool  is a u..


SCPAR/6 Parchment Scissors

Parchment Scissors - item number SCPAR/6 Parchment scissors are a vital part of the parchment too..