Pergamano Tinta Inks

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DVD2 - Painting Techniques

DVD2 - Painting Techniques. Painting Techniques After the success of DVD 1 and many requests f..


PG21203 Pergamano Red Tinta Ink

PG21203 Pergamano Red Tinta Ink. Red Tinta Ink (30ml) large bottle. Water-based, gives a matt ..

£4.49 £2.69

PG21204 Pergamano Yellow Tinta Ink

PG21204 Pergamano Yellow Tinta Ink. Yellow Tinta Ink (30ml) large bottle Water-based, gives a ..

£4.49 £2.69

PG21209 Pergamano Silver Tinta Ink

PG21209 Pergamano Silver Tinta Ink. Silver Tinta Ink (30ml) large bottle. Water-based and can ..

£4.99 £2.99